Her Wish Before Christmas

Her Wish Before Christmas, Holiday Hearts Book 1 

HerWishBeforeChristmas_mediumHer heart never forgot him… 

Genny Ridgeway left Laurel Cove with a broken heart. Returning awakens old feelings, old longings, and the desire for long kisses beneath the mistletoe with the man who broke her heart.

The only thing missing is her…

Connor O’Rourke and his son finally have the home they’ve always wanted. Now, he’ll do anything for a second chance at love with the woman he let get away.

It’s Christmas time in Laurel Cove….

Surrounded by the spirit of the season and with a little posthumous help from her gypsy grandmother, can Connor prove he is the man Genny has always wanted to grant her wish before Christmas?


“I didn’t know you were in town.” She asked, proud she had kept the hysterical out of her voice.  

“I wasn’t. Until this week. I’m setting up a practice at the new clinic down the street.” He stood and helped her up from the floor.

Connor F’ing O’Rourke back in town and looking too delicious by half. She licked her lips and swallowed at the sudden dryness in her mouth. The hurt and anger returned with a swift jab to her heart rivaling the sting of glass in her foot. The feelings so fresh, like she was eighteen again and waiting for the proposal that never came. Don’t go there. You’re over him.

“Thanks, Doctor O’Rourke. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a mess to clean up.”

Genny slid the old lady house shoe on her foot and stood, refusing his outstretched hand. How could he waltz in here and expect to talk to her as if he hadn’t crushed her heart and made her hope he never returned to Laurel Cove?

“So, are you back for good or just visiting your grandmother?”

Genny held her hand up, tears stinging her eyes. The town gossip mill had spread the word for her and she hadn’t had to tell anyone what happened. What the hell were the gossips doing leaving him out of the loop?

“I meant to stop by earlier but got caught up at a meeting. I know she’ll have some ideas on what I could use to decorate the waiting room.”

“Nona passed away a few weeks ago.” She couldn’t get anything more around the lump in her throat. Saying the words brought the sorrow rushing to the surface and along with his surprise return, pummeled her already bruised soul. I am not going to cry in front of him.

She tried to push past him into the store, but he stepped in front of her, and she found herself embraced by strong arms before she could turn away. The feel of his broad chest against her cheek and the warm smell of cologne and the sheer compassion of his hug burst the dam. Small circles stroked on her back and a light kiss pressed to the top of her head were more comforting than she could resist and tears continued to fall against her will.

“I’m sorry, Genny. She’ll be missed.” His voice hitched.

Is he getting choked up about my grandmother? He can’t do this to me. She pushed away and took a step back. Clearing her throat, she brushed the palms of her hands over her face to dry her cheeks and tried to gather control.

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