Happy New Year to Me!

Recently I posted about my New Years resolutions over at Romancing The Naked Hero – Here. Yes, Happy New Year to me and to every other parent whose kids are headed back to school. My youngest starts next week…. I like to think I’ve done my duty as a mother and made sure both my boys are so ready to get back to school. They’re THAT bored with summer! :) It helps that we’ve been suffering with triple digit heat and even the pool is too hot. So playing outside is just brutal and even my video-game/ documentary obsessed 7yo can watch only so much T.V. We’ve worn out every board game in the house (I’m having Battleship dreams) and are down to the few things on our list that we haven’t managed to pack in yet. Bowling and roller skating. Two things the boys haven’t done yet. One week to go, two activities and then… Mommy Time! So I’m raising a glass (okay a mug of herbal tea) to all the parents out there and wishing you all a wonderful and productive Happy New Year!

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